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Saturday, 7. November 2009

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Participating in backgammon might be fun, particularly if you are aware of how to succeed by playing excellently. But occasionally a pointer or two might assist you even more and develop you into a better player.

One of the better game plans to win is to lock your opposing player in. It will keep them from shifting their pieces from your home board. This has to be done early in the game to hold your opponents two checkers in your home boardthere. So you have to move your checkers to points seven, five, and 4 as rapidly as possible and even two and three if at all possible. Keep your point of 6 with the six checkers as it is. This will ensure that your challenger can not get out of your home board and aid your odds of locking them in to win.

By barracading your competitor in, they’ll be looking for double sixes when all other moves have been completed to get those 2 pieces away from your home board. If doubles are not tossed, your challenger will be required to shift one piece at a time, as long as they get a six or greater, and leave 1 piece vulnerable behind. Of course in the process of moving your own pieces, be certain you do not leave 1 abandoned where your opponent can send you off the board to make your way through their side.

When in doubt, hit. This can help you win because as soon as your competitor is hit, that checker is the piece they have to move prior to doing anything else in the game. So if you hit them numerous times, they’ll have to get numerous pieces back on the board and get around your checkers to win. Be certain you don’t hit where it’ll make you open to being hit yourself. Unless of course it will be advantageous to you, as in early on in the game when your opponent won’t have you locked in.

Hitting when you have a block started can also be great due to the fact that once you get a few points locked, your opponent will have a harder time getting their checkers out of your home board and defeating you. It’s even possible to hit them several times and get your lock setup. That way you can lock them from re-entering the game board and even having an opportunity at beating you.

These two hints aren’t the only strategy to win, but they are great ideas for amateurs to develop into more skillfull players. So when you conquer these, winning most of the time certainly won’t seem like such a demanding thing to do.

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